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Alpharank is a customer journey mapping and attribution solution for banks and credit unions.

Alpharank is a best in class solution that ties three critical aspects of a customer journey to drive actionable insights: traffic sources and marketing channels, digital account opening, and account activity.

Alpharank’s data insights provide clear actions for clients to achieve greater success with customer acquisition being able to gain deeper visibility with micro-events into account opening and attribute back to the core.

All plans except for Enterprise are self-installed so you can be up and running in no time.

There are three different plans available: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. Plans begin at $950/month.

Yes, we work with most account opening providers and have close partnerships with MeridianLink, Finastra, Bottomline, FIS, and CSI.

No, we do not collect any customer’s personal identifiable information.

We work with your account opening provider to install a tracking pixel and then using a unique technique developed by Alpharank called “fingerprinting” tie a user’s session from your website to account opening without losing any data in the cross-domain transfer.

Feel free to contact our Sales team or book a demo directly here.

Alpharank tracks all page actions conducted by a user which include clicks, form fills, selections and cross-domain conversions.

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