Key Factors to Growth

Virtual Branch Is Key to Growth

Digital is now the battleground for new account acquisition. 75% of Chase’s new deposit accounts come from digital.

Alpharank gives you the three keys to an effective virtual branch:
• Perfect Measurement
• Continuous Monitoring
• Data Driven Testing

Digital Transparency

Alpharank measures the value of each digital campaign at a granular level. Stakeholders access key metrics through a cloud-based dashboard that integrates data from marketing, online account opening, and account performance.

Better Metrics Across the Organization

With the right metrics you can confidently shift budget to digital acquisition for sustainable growth:

• Funnel performance: view conversion at every stage benchmarked against industry standards
• Deposit gathering efficiency
• Long term value of new accounts
• Return on marketing investment

Measurement for Banking

Measurement is your foundation to speed up learning in digital. With Alpharank you will find the combination of channel, audience, and content that delivers the best new accounts for your institution. With Alpharank you will discover new segments that “work” using data from your system of record. Because Alpharank uses exclusively your first party data, 100% anonymized without any customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII), using Alpharank means you don’t have to share customer information with Google or Facebook.

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Leadership Team

Brian L.
Founder & CEO
Carlo C.
COO / Head of Sales
Yoela P.
Head of Engineering
Paul M.
Pamela S.
Customer Success
Kim M.
Andrew K.
Chief Architect
Julia Y.
Product Manager
Mykola D.
Arthur A.

Board of Directors

Rich H.
Chairman & CEO Inuvo
Steve K.
Managing Director Hummer Winblad


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